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Ports and Technologies

Your computer uses many different technologies every day to perform the tasks most important to each user. Below you will find a list of the most common physical ports built into most Macintosh systems sold today. You will also find a list of some of the most important communication technologies that allow your computer to interact with other computers and devices, both wired and wirelessly.

This basic overview shows just a few of the technologies available on modern computer. This list is a work in progress. If there is a Port or Technology that you think should be added to the list please contact me and I will update it. Likewise, if there is a description or definition that you find confusing please contact me for further information, this to will allow me to refine the provided information.


Item Description Usage
Port Description Usage

Computers that have an internal power supply need to be plugged into an AC outlet. This symbol represents the AC In port.



Most Macintosh models have an Audio IN and an Audio OUT port. This symbol represents the Audio In port.

MacBook Pro


Computers that utilize the MagSafe Power Adapter use DC power internally. This symbol represents the DC In port.

MacBook Pro


Although different Macintosh models use many different display technologies, this symbol generally represents the Display port.



If your computer needs to be physically connected to a Local Area Network you will use this port. This symbol represents the Ethernet port.

MacBook Pro


FireWire is a high speed port used to connect peripherals such as Hard Drives and Audio / Video equipment. This symbol represents the FireWire port.

MacBook Pro


HDMI or High-Definition Multimedia Interface is a technology used to connect to flat screen TVs. To date there is only one model of Mac to ship with an HDMI Port. This symbol represents the HDMI port.

Mac mini


The Headphones or Audio Out port is used to connect either analog or digital audio devices. This symbol represents the Audio Out port.

MacBook Pro


Every computer requires being powered on or off at some point.
This symbol represents the Power Button.

MacBook Pro


Devices such as the AirPort Express & AirPort Extreme do not have power buttons but on occasion need to be reset. This symbol represents the Reset Button.

AirPort Extreme


Thunderbolt is a new technology from Intel that combines a VERY high speed data port and a display port. This symbol represents the Thunderbolt port.

MacBook Pro


The USB or Universal Serial Bus port is a general use port used to connect a plethora of device. This symbol represents the USB port.

MacBook Pro

Technology Description Usage

AirPort is an Apple Inc. brand name for Wifi which encompasses all the various 802.11 a/b/g/n protocols. This symbol represents the AirPort Menu.

AirPort Extreme


Bluetooth is a technology used to connect wirelessly to devices such as Mobile Phones or PDAs. This symbol represents Bluetooth.

MacBook Pro


Bonjour is the Apple Inc. implementation of Zero Configuration networking. This allows applications and devices to advertise their services on a network with no user setup required. This symbol represents Bonjour.



Apple Inc. currently uses Intel processors in their entire computer lineup. Previously Apple Inc. used PowerPC processors designed and built by Motorola & IBM Corporation. This logo represents the Intel Corporation.

MacBook Pro


Java is a cross platform programming language widely used on many web sites. This technology allows developers to create an application that will run regardless of the host machine’s operating system. This symbol represents Java.

Mac OS X


Wifi is a trademark name for the IEEE 802.11 standards. This technology allows computers and other devices to connect wirelessly to a network. This symbol represents Wifi.

MacBook Pro

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